Professional Publications / Other Articles

  1. Promotiebespreking: Christian Peters May 16 2022 Economisch-Statistische Berichten, 108(4821), 195. Local Copy
  2. Effectieve belastingdruk op allergrootste Nederlandse ondernemingen neemt toe. Mar 31 2022 Economisch-Statistische Berichten, 107(4809), 215-217. With Jesse van der Geest Replication Package
  3. Is de kwaliteit van de accountantscontrole gestegen? Jul 12 2021 Maandblad voor Accountancy en Bedrijfseconomie, 95(5/6), 169-178. Replication PackageSlides
  4. Auditing: Lifelong Learning Jun 4 2021 FAR Practice Note. With Bart Dierynck and Kathryn Kadous. English Nederlands

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Accounting Experiments Miscellaneous

Repositories / Code

  • an online resource and community for sharing information about designing, programming, and analyzing data of accounting experiments. Co-founded with Victor van Pelt.
  • Running Online Experiments: a GitHub repository that helps researchers in programming state-of-the-art experiments and making them available to participants. I have used this repository as background for some guest lectures about programming experiments.